Business Understanding

We are your business partner and will help to resolve the legal issues you have within our specialist areas, based on our understanding of the business and focus on the totality.


In Føyen Torkildsen, we believe in creating strong, holistic solutions for our customers based on market insights and business understanding. It is about creating value by seeing and understanding the customer’s business in its entirety and not only focus on the legal aspects.

What matters is to see the business in both the short and long term. It’s about applying insights and information, and challenge established truths to create powerful solutions that others do not necessarily see. We believe in finding solutions that do not create discord, but that provides a basis for long-term and good business relationships.

We believe in the small difference that is to be “HEADS ON”. We know that proactivity and good business understanding, along with strong legal expertise, provides the best basis to “make a difference and stay ahead.” It is about increasing opportunities to achieve success on our customers’ behalf every time. That is why one of our core values ​​”HEADS ON”.


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