Advokatfirmaet Føyen AS is the result of a merge between Føyen Advokatfirma DA and Advokatfirmaet Torkildsen & Co AS in 2015, two companies with long traditions. The company is located in Bjørvika and consists of approx. 80 employees.

Føyen Advokatfirma DA was founded in 1969 by lawyer Stein A. Føyen, and in 1979 the lawyers Tom A. Torkildsen and Jan Tennøe founded Advokatfirmaet Torkildsen, Tennøe & Co AS. The merge in 2015 entailed a clear strengthening of the environment within construction and real estate. Since then, the company has also strengthened its investment within the fields of ICT Media, employment and corporate law.

Our affiliated company, Foyen Advokatfirma in Sweden was established in 1987 and today has approx. 100 employees in offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.