Our goal in every project is to create added value for our clients through a clear working process. Business understanding and the overall picture ensures for a good end result. This is what drives us.

Snøhetta AS, Fotball Media AS og HAV Eiendom AS are some of the customer cases we have been challenged with, and that have strengthened our experience basis.

Eiendom & Corporate

Snøhetta AS

Føyen Torkildsen has assisted Snøhetta over the years and guided Snøhetta safely through many complicated processes and legal reviews.

HAV Eiendom AS

Føyen Torkildsen have been with HAV Real-estate through all the phases and followed up both sales they have done. Føyen Torkildsen are also used to follow up area development plans with partitioning and merging.

IKT Media

Fotball Media AS

Føyen Torkildsen has assisted Fotball Media with the sale of media rights dates back to 2005 when football took control of the production and management of content, and the invitation to tender for the sale of media rights in the period 2006-2009 was completed.

Business understanding

We are your business partner and will help to resolve the legal issues you have within our specialist areas, based on our understanding of the business and focus on the totality.

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