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About the company

Fotball Media, which is owned 50/50 by Norges Fotballforbund and Norsk Toppfotball, sell media rights to the Norwegian Tippeligaen, Toppserien, OBOS-ligaen, Landslagene og Cupen. Fotball Media is authorized by the owners to develop, negotiate, manage and deliver media rights, media producers and league sponsorship for Norwegian football.

About challenges

In a commercial media market, with more and more players and channels, the rights to exclusive content is the greatest value a TV channel has to ensure a large customer base. Football is of great interest for many audiences, and hence manages Fotball Media substantial assets on behalf of Norwegian football. With a growing number of partners and suppliers throughout the value chain experiencing one significant changes in both the technological and the legal picture. This affects relationships with partners and rights holders. Fotball Media would like to be involved in setting the agenda in view of sports rights in all media. Fotball Media is therefore dependent on having the most experienced advisors in the entire value chain in these efforts – also within the legal areas that e.g. include contract law, media law, intellectual property, regulatory framework for broadcasting and competition.

Føyen Torkildsens assistance

Føyen Torkildsen has assisted Fotball Media with the sale of media rights dates back to 2005 when football took control of the production and management of content, and the invitation to tender for the sale of media rights in the period 2006-2009 was completed. Føyen Torkildsen has assisted Fotball Media with legal advice within competition law, preparation of tender documents, contracts and contract negotiations through the various phases they have been through. The largest and most complicated proceeding came in 2008 at the tender announcement of total rights for Fotball Media. It was then concluded agreements with a total budget of 1.2 billion kroner, based on new market mechanisms. New players in the online rights and broadband deployment came, and resale of rights was part of the new competitive environment to tender participants. Føyen Torkildsen has assisted us continuously in negotiations with both short- and long-term legal consequences. They are experienced legal advisors in terms of media rights and therefore both challenges and opportunities proactively in the different situations we experience.

Value Creation

Føyen Torkildsen has a high level of legal expertise within our industry. The specialization that Føyen Torkildsen has ICT Media, with particular focus on rights, is an important contributor to the effort to manage the values ​​Fotball Media has in terms of media rights for viewing and distribution of broadcasting rights to football matches.

TV Production, Media Rights and Media Distribution
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