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HAV Eiendom AS was established in 2003, and has been a customer of Føyen Torkildsen since 2005. The company is 100 percent owned by Oslo Havn KF and administers the old port area around Bjørvika, which is to be developed. The company aims to participate in the urban development of the Bjørvika area through development, leasing, management, acquisition and sale of real estate.

HAV Eiendom AS initially owned two thirds of the Bjørvika area, while Oslo S Utvikling owned one third. Both have sold plots, among others at Sørenga, plots for a new Munch Museum and for the Deichmanske Main Library. Now they are preparing to build and operate themselves, which is a new role. The first project is one of student housing and offices next to the new Deichmanske Main Library and the Opera.




The process around the new Munch Museum is a good example of one of the company’s challenges, because there are a variety of opinions on the plot and the architecture as well as the costs. This has, in that specific case, had consequences in terms of the progress of the new building. Also, the debate about OSU’s Barcode project, with its architectural expression, is another example, and when a new Central Office of Historic Monuments is introduced, with new considerations one believes should be emphasized in the development, this also involves new challenges in our work with Bjørvika. We are based on private economy, although publicly owned, and we feel that there are additional expectations of us. HAV Eiendom AS will not only make money on the development of the properties, we will also contribute to good urban development, and we do not consider the project successful unless Bjørvika becomes a good neighbourhood, in addition to giving our owner, the Port of Oslo, funds to develop a new and modern port south of Oslo. But the challenges also make HAV Eiendom AS an incredibly exciting place to work, says Managing Director Eva Hagen.




The law firm has assisted us in the sale of Sørenga Pier, which was sold for NOK 940 million. They have been with us through all the phases and followed up both this and other sales we have done. They are also used to follow up area development plans with partitioning and merging. For me as Manager of the company, and a lawyer, it’s nice to be able to work closely with skilled lawyers when we need transaction support, or there is a need for assistance within acquisition law, company law or planning and building law.




The lawyers in Torkildsen & Co. specialize in property and they truly know our business sector. I find them to be proactive and seek good solutions, and that they challenge me whenever necessary. In negotiation situations I find our lawyers very solution oriented. And just as important: they always make sure there is a positive tone between the parties. Thus, the negotiations become positive and constructive – this is incredibly important, and something I really appreciate very much. The real estate business is small and we all meet again – so maintaining long-term and successful relationships is important. Torkildsen & Co. is highly recommended, says Managing Director Eva Hagen of HAV Eiendom AS.

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