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At Føyen Torkildsen, we believe that the best way to achieve profitable business solutions is by having a transparent and effective working process. Our legal staff is expected to maintain the knowledge and insight required to identify the best and most effective legal and commercial solutions for a particular assignment. And, the services offered at Føyen Torkildsen are always provided with the highest level of professionalism and competency. In this way, we ensure comprehensive solutions for all our clients and deliver optimal results in accordance with the client’s expectations, regardless of whether our assignment is a simple matter of interpreting a legal paragraph or the drafting of a crucial commercial agreement.

Our working process is based on collaboration with all parties involved in a particular assignment. This requires creating transparency from the perspective of the client as well as within internal departments involved in case analysis. Because of this, Føyen Torkildsen can effectively provide progress and status overviews on assignments both externally to the client and interdepartmentally. This process has also been developed so that the parties involved are less vulnerable in regards to individuals or parties on both sides of the table. The majority of processes involve participation in all phases of case analysis. It is the complexity and/or history of a particular case which determines the level of involvement needed to ensure an optimum solution.

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01 Familiarisation

In this phase, we gather information regarding

  • the client and branch of industry
  • the client's organisation
  • previous assignments resolved for the client

02 Brief

This phase covers

  • the tasks to be resolved
  • who is to be involved
  • important time frames

03 Feedback

This phase covers

  • clarification regarding how the task has been carried out
  • estimated progress and working process

04 Process work

This phase covers

  • elucidation of the case
  • legal fields and legislation which affect the case
  • alternative solutions

05 Assistance with negotiations

This phase covers

  • participation in negotiations between the client and the counterparty
  • seeking alternative solutions

06 Evaluation of the solution

This phase covers

  • assessment / consequences of alternative solutions
  • making a decision regarding choice of solution
  • basis of the agreement

07 Summing up

Assessment phase

  • comparing the outcome with the brief
  • what can we learn from this case?
  • evaluation of skills which can be provided by the client and lawyer(s)

Some of our client statement

Eiendom & Corporate

Snøhetta AS

Føyen Torkildsen has assisted Snøhetta over the years and guided Snøhetta safely through many complicated processes and legal reviews.

IKT Media

Fotball Media AS

Føyen Torkildsen has assisted Fotball Media with the sale of media rights dates back to 2005 when football took control of the production and management of content, and the invitation to tender for the sale of media rights in the period 2006-2009 was completed.

HAV Eiendom AS

Føyen Torkildsen have been with HAV Real-estate through all the phases and followed up both sales they have done. Føyen Torkildsen are also used to follow up area development plans with partitioning and merging.

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