Vision and values


Føyen‘s goal is to be known for what we strive for, every day:

  • to be innovative and open, turning our eyes to future solutions
  • to have courage in balancing the new and unknown against the established
  • to always look for better ways to cooperate, with our clients and with each other

Our vision is to make a difference and be ahead


The basis for everything we do, and what at the same time sets clear boundaries for what we do not do, is our values ​​- what distinguishes us as a legal expert, advisor, partner and colleague.

  • Integrity
  • Inclusive
  • Dedicated

It is self-evident that integrity for a law firm is the basis for its activities, its work with clients and ethical rules. Føyen is no exception. But for us, integrity also means creating trust and meeting everyone with respect – as well as showing courage and confidence in our decisions, on behalf of our customers and ourselves.

In Føyen, we work together towards our common goals. We share our knowledge, we are good team players, and we see our differences as a common strength. We care about each other, our clients and the society we live in.

In Føyen, we believe in dedication and hard work. As a client of Føyen, you will experience that we are available and present – and are active, not passive advisers. We are passionate about our clients and provide the right assistance through the practical use of our knowledge of the business sector and legal expertise – in the right way, at the right time.